About Me

Hello Sexy Hot Adult Stories lovers!, who i am?

Yes! today i am going to share with you that who i am what i do, my hobbies, mean my complete introduction.

About me

My name is Daana Devu from third world country, my qualification is high school and the thing which i do the more is online work mean i search internet for my precious visitors to find some good and great quality stories for my visitors, point to be notice here that all the stories are real, some how many people send me their story too, well yes you can also share with us while sending me a email through contact us page 🙂

My hobby is to search for girls online o find them and talk with them, as i said that i am student so it is difficult for me to update the site daily and on monthly basis, but sure whenever i will get time i will update stories!

Do you have any question or want to share story and something else just Contact Me, i will response you!

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