My Neighbor And The Massage Lady

Well one day I was sitting in my room and suddenly I saw that a cars come in our street, I live in a dead end street, she was looking a bit strange, a paper in her hand looking for anything, like she got address and searching for that. She entered in a message center 2nd next to my house, and I was totally laughing on her because she is on wrong way, as she is cute and tight ass girl so I wanted to help her.

As I leaved my beautiful apartment so I went there (massage house) so I saw that SiSi is doing the massage of that lady, lady legs is full time open, her pussy on SiSi mouth, and SiSi doing her massage with full fantasy.


My Neighbor And The Massage Lady |

Looking at the massage for 2 minutes, SiSi friend Leesa say me there, she shouted that what the fuck you are doing here? I replied that someone was looking for address so I wanted to help her, so when I came here I see that she is in right place, CiCi take away her mouth from her tight ass and see towards me with a smiley face!

I am totally shocked now! I said SiSi, well you will never quite amazing me SiSi, blew her a kiss, turned to leave and Leesa got up, took ahold of my groin area pulling me back into the bedroom, I started to say something, but feeling what she was doing stopped me, as she took my cock out. I looked over at Li, with her eyes she was saying OK. SiSi had my cock out, I looked down at her, stepping back I removed my clothing, stepped up to her and she took my cock into her mouth. It was twitching by now, she licked it, kissing my head, rolling her tongues over it, It was responding by getting hard, I was looking at her big oily butt especially when I put my fingers up Leesa butt crack. We were all moaning by now I said ladies let’s get more comfortable on the bed.

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On bed they were crazy full time enjoying with me, over my cock too, I never thought that SiSi will be crazy like that, oh my gosh it was remarkable, so I tried to open SiSi and Her friend Leesa tight Ass now, Damn they were so tight and I took 7 to 8 minutes from me to make them a bit (Ass holes), about 15 to 20 I got to finish, I was joining her as my cum shoot out, filling her hole full of my sperm, pulling out, my sperm rushed out also, CiCi diving to lick it up. I fell back on the bed, totally satisfied. Both ladies had smiles on their faces!

Smile on their faces is the symbol of satisfactory on those girl, yes I can satisfy any girl because I have 7 inch big cock about 2.5 cent meter thick. So this was the story of my message neighbor girl story with whom I did sex very well, yeah with her fucking asshole friend too, both of them were great 😛

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