Amateur Hot Girl On Bus Stop!

Sex on a bus stop? Oh no and no, it was a rainy day I was coming from office to home, as every time when I come from office to home I see new faces everyday on bus stop, the same day it is raining and there I see a young girl standing below the roof of the bus stop, while allot of shopping bags on her hand, I can feel that she is tired and cannot handle the bags anymore, so I said her,

Me “Would you like a hand with those?”

At first She looked a little shocked “Oh yes please I think my fingers are going to drop off” she replied

A cute smile on my fucking ass :P, I said to her you did all of this shopping alone, she said yes I did all of these but all of these are not mine. Two begs in them are mine and rest of them are of my late neighbor.

I replied “oh! So nice no one do like this now a days!”

She passed a cute small on her face, where looking more so sexy by the way

The bus rounded the corner, she said that here ss the bus, I said yeah thanks gosh that bus id there!

We paid and got seat in the bus, I am seating next to her and on left side she is, and on right side I can see her huge and full shopping bags.

We are now about to introduce our self, so I said to her what is your name?

She replied that my name is Jenny Rose, I am 28 years old and you?

I said “my name is Paul Dee and just 18, 19 next month”

She said that you are young and cute but your manners are so old, like you are doing your best,

I said that all this because of my mother and father!

And here it is the bus stop, she said in the next street my home is so I said that I will carry the bags with you till that place, she smiled and said thank you Paul,

At the mean time our cloth is full time wet and my hair style is full bad because of this Asshole weather,

Here is her house, she said this is my house,

I said “I’ll put the bags down inside for you, OK?”

She said okay, now I said to her bye, but she got angru and she said at least come to my home I will make a cup of tea or coffee for you!

I replied “are you sure?”

She said yes man! Come in, We walked into the kitchen and put the bags down “hang your coat over the chair” she pointed to one, I peeled my coat reveling soaking shoulders.

“Your soaked through, let me get you a towel”

She came back in with two large bath towels, she had taken her coat off and was just as wet, her clothes clinging to a nice figure, “Your soaking as well” I pointed out, she tossed a towel at me and I buried my head in it to dry my hair a little.

I was stunned when I stopped, she had removed her top and bra and was drying her hair, I just stood looking at her, her tits were bouncing up and down as she rubbed at her hair, they were large and dropped a little with large dark nipples, she glanced at me and smiled, I’m in here I thought so I peeled my top off and dried my shoulders and chest.

She was still drying her hair and her nipples had grown hard “Would you like your back dried?” I asked hopeful.

She said it will be best for me if you will do it for me, turning her back towards me, now my cock is so and so hard, a bit licking too because I have huge cum in my company!

I was about to rub her back and clean the water from her back and now I said to her that should I clean all the waters with the help of towel from your body, she smiled, I can see her smiling in the kitchen back mirror, now I can say that everything is fit, I turned her body while cleaning water from her shoulder, back, hip, legs, now it is time of face area, I am about to clear water from her tits, and black hard nipple, when I touch her boobs she get shock on her body, it is the sign of…!


Now it is the time for her pussy I can see her pussy dark hairs and pussy smell, I touched her pussy and I can feel that she is Cuming right now, mean she want a cock therein her tight pussy!

I bent and took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked hard, I backed her towards the kitchen table and when the back of her legs touched it she turned around and bent over it.

In seconds my cock was in my hand as I searched for her opening, finding her warm wet pussy I slid in and started to fuck her, I started slowly pulling out as far as I could then slamming into her with a slap as my hips hit her arse, back out and slam.

My pace increased, still pulling out as far as I could, after about a minute of this she let out a strange noise and a low groan, she’d cum!

I increased my pace as she lifted herself on her hands and started to push back, I could feel the warm feeling in my balls as I built up to organism “I’m coming do you want me to pull out”


“Oh no I want you to fill me”

I was pounding into her and could feel her tighten around me, it was too much for me, pushing into her I let out a loud grunt, again and again I slammed into her grunting each time as I spurted more of my cum inside her.

We stayed in that position with my cock inside her, throbs from my cock and her pussy clamped around me.

As I softened she said “You better clean up, my husband will be home in about half an hour”

Now I am I hurry to clean each and everything very son because now in 20 to 30 minutes her fucking husband will be here in house, I cleaned cum from her ass and pussy and wearing my cloths while she is looking me!

And in the next ten minutes I did all of my work and she walked with me towards the door while looking towards my face and her hand is on my shoulder, I can feel that she is still crazy (sex mood) as she open their door, man with red hair is standing, she said that he is Paul who helped me to carry bags from bus stop till here!

Her husband replied “That’s good of you!”

“Any time, bye” I walked down the path and gave a little wave, hopeful for a repeat very soon.

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